Four Steps to Using Email Marketing for Your Golf Course

If you are looking to expand your local golf-course business, the place to start is the Internet. Reaching the right people by email and selling them on the idea of visiting your golf course is one of the best approaches to Internet marketing. The following is a basic strategy for implementing this type of marketing for your golf course.

Obtain a list of email addresses of prospective customers

There are many companies that sell lists of emails, and if you have no list at all, this is a good place to start. You will need a list of emails for anybody who is interested in playing the game of golf and is living in local zip codes. An email marketing company will be able to sell you a list that is specific to your geographical area. The idea will be to use these names and prune it down to a shorter list of those who are genuinely interested in your golf course.

Send out emails to all of these local people

You will need to compose a sales letter so readers will know exactly what your golf course has to offer. But more importantly, you want them to visit your website and sign up for a newsletter or otherwise opt in to your mailing list. In exchange, you can offer a special discount at your golf course. This needs to be done because many of the names on the list that you purchased will not belong to people who want your product, while other emails will go to those who don’t remember opting in to the list you bought.

Continue to build your own list with local advertising

Once you begin to build your own list, you can begin experimenting with other ways to build your list. For example, you may want to try a local direct-mail campaign. You can use the post office to blanket the local residential area with a postcard mailing in an attempt to get people to go to your website and sign up for your newsletter.

Use your list to make money

As your list continues to grow, you can begin to use it to promote special deals and events at your golf course. Because this list is composed of people who are interested in your golf course, including many people who have already made purchases, you will find that this list is the most powerful marketing tool you could ever have.

Remember, the money is in the list, so you need to first be patient in building this list. Once you have the list, continue to build upon it and remove names of people who are no longer interested and email addresses that no longer work. By your doing this as part of your golf-course marketing, your list will always be up to date.

Author: Ismael Caldwell

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