Small Businesses Can Benefit From A Contracted Consultant

If you’re a small business, every new employee needs to be carefully calculated for their worth to the business. Unless you’re independently wealthy (or willing to frivolously spend loan money), it may be tempting to avoid hiring an Information Technology (IT) professional for some of the seemingly easy IT maintenance and planning needed. Unfortunately, there are some costly mistakes and missed opportunities that could ruin your progress if you’re not a trained IT professional. As you evaluate your needs, consider a few ways that IT consulting could make the process easier.

An IT Consultant Isn’t A Constant Cost

Hiring an IT employee means a continuous paycheck that is being pulled from your company, even if there are no IT projects planned. You could figure out different ways to monetize the IT professional, but idea creation with technical aspects are worthy of yet another IT professional. Instead, invite a consultant to a contract.

There may be many skilled IT professionals looking for flexible working arrangements from your company. The IT world is an innovator of flexibility and many skilled technicians are looking for ways to build their schedules with clients who don’t need them to sit behind desks all day. You can serve this need while having your needs handled as they’re needed and not a day longer.

If all you need is someone to clean up viruses and install new software, you can even hire a remote technician who can log into your systems from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re dealing with a brick and mortar IT consultant firm with multiple technicians or a skilled individual who works from home, you can customize the experience by interviewing the person from the comfort of your office or home via the Internet.

Is Remote Access Safe?

It’s reasonable to understand that a person logging into your computer from the Internet or anywhere outside of your building–the concept of remote access–may seem unsettling. When you think about the process, you may notice that remote access can be a lot safer.

When a person works on your computer in person, you’re giving them physical access to your system. They can add or remove parts, bypass certain security systems and get rid of digital data completely by physically destroying it.

If you think that keeping your eye on a person as they work on a computer can stop theft and mischief, think again; unless you are a seasoned, experienced technician with more skills than a hobbyist, no amount of watching can alert you of the digital changes that could be made or the information being loaded. Many viruses and theft systems can run without showing anything on the screen and can automatically run without typing. In short, not even a fully managed employee can be caught if you don’t have the right knowledge.

If anything, remote access makes things a bit safer. You can monitor what is being done in the same way, but the remote technician doesn’t have physical access to your computer. If you don’t like what’s going on, simply disconnect the remote access. If that doesn’t seem to work, remove the Ethernet cable or other Internet cable, or disconnect the modem/router. 

With an IT consultant, you can put a lot of those scary questions to rest. Not only can the consultant work towards making your network more secure, but you can receive training on different ways to monitor your system to keep all technicians honest. 

Contact an IT consultant for convenience, safety and reduced costs for your small business.

Author: Ismael Caldwell

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