3 Printer Maintenance Tips To Use Today

If you’re like many business owners, your company uses a number of printers in its daily activities. Like many business owners, you probably don’t think very much about your printers as long as it is working. However, if you take the time to perform a few maintenance tasks, you will be able to extend the life of your printers and avoid delays in your business activities because of a printer problem. Here are three maintenance tips you can start using to keep your printers in good shape.

Vacuum Dirt and Dust

Dust and dirt are inevitable guests that show up on your printer components, and over time, they can cause problems with the internal workings of the printer. They can cause streaks in ink so that your printed materials don’t look as good as they should, and can also be the reason for printer jams. 

To keep dust and dirt out of your printer, use a vacuum attachment to suck the dirt and dust out of your printer. You can also clean ink cartridges with cotton swabs that have been dipped in purified water, to more easily pick up any dust. You can also avoid dirt and dust buildup by covering your printers when the work day is complete.

Change Ink Cartridges Before They’re Empty

You may feel tempted to use the ink cartridges until they can no longer print, but that can be a problem. Make sure that you don’t allow your cartridges to run dry, because that can cause air to infiltrate the print head, which can affect the quality of your printed pages in the future. Many modern printers give you an idea of how much ink you have left; change the cartridges before they are completely empty. If you are using older printers, change the cartridges as soon as you notice that the print quality is diminishing.

Use Quality Ink

To save costs, you may very well be using cheap ink in your machines. However, cheap ink can sometimes clog the print heads. Instead, look for deals and online discount codes for good quality ink that won’t cause a problem for your printers.

When you make time to maintain your printers, you will ensure that your business can run smoothly, without printer issues slowing things. You may even wish to employ a HP third party maintenance company to keep your printers working well. That way, you can focus on your business activities while being confident that your printers will stay in good shape. 

Author: Ismael Caldwell

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