Types Of Antennas Used In Antenna Systems

Wireless technology has become a mainstay of modern life. With the use of smartphones, people can stay connected with friends, family, and business associates. Whether people are using wireless service for business or simply for entertainment, people can find it hard to live without the services made possible via a wireless signal. Receiving a wireless signal can be difficult when you are inside a building or subway tunnel. This is where antenna systems come into play. Different types of antennas can be used in these systems as a way to provide wireless service. 

The Yagi Antenna

A yagi antenna consists of several metal rods arranged so that you have one rod that bisects several other metal rods. The bisected rods are known as reflectors and directors. They help to improve the directionality and gain of the antenna. Yagi antennas are often used in tunnel transmitter systems where the Yagi antennas are used as transmitters and are connected to receiver antennas. Tunnel transmitter systems can be effective, but they are not the only choice. 

The Distributed Antenna System

The idea behind the Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, is that several smaller antennas can reduce the power and radiation required to power one larger antenna. The smaller antenna nodes are spread around the area covered by a larger antenna. Each antenna draws less power than one-single antenna would and together they provide the same coverage that you would get from one larger antenna. DAS systems have been used in subway tunnels and buildings to good effect. Adaptations can be made to fine tune the antenna system for the needs of the building or tunnel it is deployed in. 

The Leaky Feeder

A leaky feeder is a run of cable that has holes in its sheathing that allow radiation to leak in and out. These holes allow the cable to serve as a long antenna. Leaky feeders can be used to cover large distances in a tunnel, but they require amplifiers to help boost the signal that leaks out through the holes in the sheathing. 

Wireless technology is integral to modern life. Those who are cut off from a wireless signal may feel isolated and cut off from family and friends, but a loss of signal can also interfere with business interactions. Antenna systems can be useful in providing wireless service in areas that cannot be reached by normal antennas. It is important to incorporate the right antennas to provide adequate service. (For more information on antenna systems, contact a company such as Alpine Electronics and Communications)

Author: Ismael Caldwell

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