Three Things You Need To Know To Get Aftermarket Flat Screen TV Repair

Sometimes you find a shop that can repair your modern flat screen television for prices that are cheaper than the manufacturer’s. But going into these kinds of contracts requires some knowledge about what’s inside your TV, and how you can get real fixes that will make your broken TV as good as new. Here are three major things to be aware of when looking at aftermarket repair services for these kinds of electronics.

What Technology Does Your Flat Screen Use?

Older flat screen televisions use either liquid crystal display (LCD) or light emitting diode (LED) designs. Both of these have to do with using electricity to illuminate the different pixels on the screen. Some flat screen television models also use a plasma display, which is different. A plasma screen uses charged gases for screen lighting.

Some newer models now use something called organic light emitting diode or OLED. This type of solid-state technology involves electrons moving across the surface medium. It’s more transparent and flexible, but more expensive as well.

Knowing what kind of technology your television uses will help you determine the best ways to get it repaired.

Manufacturer or Retailer Warranties

Another big issue is whether any aftermarket fixes will void existing warranties. If you bought your television new, look for the original paperwork that you got from the factory to determine whether the unit is still under warranty. For retail warranties, check the fine print to see what kinds of repairs are allowed under the terms of the contract.

Parts and Labor Pricing

You’ll also want one more set of information in hand — the parts and labor breakdown proposed by the repair shop.

It’s easy to offer to repair damaged electronics, but the hard part is keeping these services affordable. If the TV has pricier components and will take a lot of labor, the fix may cost a lot more than the television is worth.

This is especially true for newer technologies, where the display elements themselves cost quite a lot. If your unit isn’t under warranty and can’t be refurbished, do the research to see if a repair actually make sense according to the market value of the TV model.

These three things will help keep you in good shape when you are negotiating with local repair shops over how to get your flat screen back into your kitchen, living room or other home or business area. For more information, contact a company like TV Video Repairs.

Author: Ismael Caldwell

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